A Masterclass in Decentralised L&D

How Specsavers discovered centralisation is the key to successful decentralisation. 


People often talk about decentralised, self-led learning as the ultimate goal of L&D... But very few can prove it, let alone tell you first-hand how they got there. 

Find out how Specsavers centralised the right elements of their learning strategy first, before being able to fully decentralise learning so it could be directed by the beating heart of their organisation: their people.

In this Webinar, Learn Amp's L&D experts Joe and Alice will discuss how Specsavers:

  • Measurably increased the quality of learning through centralisation 
  • Empowered teams and improved their agility to react to the shifting market through decentralisation 
  • Saw learning engagement skyrocket 
  • Future-proofed for long-term success to deliver true return on investment

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