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Create training in minutes

Add your existing materials and documents and have them beautifully embedded within the system. Upload one-by-one or on bulk to be set up in minutes.

We accept all the file types you care about including E-Learning (SCORM, xAPI, AICC) Video, Documents and more.

If that's not enough, you can use our templates and content editor to create simple custom content in less than 10 minutes.



Map engaging learner journeys

Curate pathways into engaging learning journeys, taking learners from one piece of content seamlessly into another. Set up and automate learning journeys in minutes instead of weeks.

Take learners from beginner to expert quickly and effectively. Check knowledge and understanding with in-built assessments


Track and report without the stress

Everything from high level insights to drilled-down reports.

Understand how your users are progressing through the learning content you've set for them. Customise your tables and export data as you wish.  

Get high level insights on activity within the site from how often your learners are visiting to the most popular content. 

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An increasing number of businesses are switching from Docebo to Learn Amp. We're hearing more and more reasons they were ready to switch.

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