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Charles Gerli - VP of Product


"The other part of the equation that our customers are searching for"

"We hear a lot about how customers want to design a learning Ecosystem around their learners. We provide a robust set of tools for creating Learning Materials, for us Learn Amp really compliments that. They are the other part of the equation that our customers are really searching for"

Martin Hill-Wilson - Found & CEO

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"Learn Amp allows learning to become a very natural part of business as usual"

"Businesses have understood the concept of the customer journey and customer lifetime value for some time. It's only recently that businesses have connected that to the importance of delivering the ideal employee journey.

Learn Amp uniquely understands this and has hardwired this philosophy into the design of their platform. The learner experience is managed carefully and intuitively puts learning and personal development in the context of individuals and companies goals."

Michael Shane - CEO

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"Learn Amp certainly is what I'd consider to be best of breed"

"Learn Amp produce a platform which is focussed on delivering bite-sized learning in its truest form. It's certainly what I'd consider to be best of breed."

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