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At Marvellous Learning we offer digital learning systems consultancy services and value for money learning solutions. Learning for Good, Learning for Everyone.

We also believe that our success should be shared and that what can be good for us and our customers, can also be good for our communities, the environment and the planet.

That’s why we pledge to invest a proportion of our annual profits to support charitable learning or sustainable community projects.

Learning for Good. Learning for Everyone.

We are partners

We partner with organisations to enable you to deliver your digital learning strategy. . We support you through every step of your implementation and help you to translate technical terms and plan your LMS implementation within the business. We also review your content offer and can help to digitize it.
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We are enablers

We help you and your teams to adapt to your new digital environment and work with you to develop internal capability and skills in the field of digital learning. We’ll even develop your team.

For example, we’ll help to upskill your learning designer team so that they can create great learning content without being reliant on a third party.

We are creators

We create marvellous eLearning solutions to accelerate your learning offer. We can scope, design and deliver quality digital content for your business. We offer rapid content authoring services that are designed for your budget and needs and also provide hybrid development to help fill the skills gaps that you don’t have. For example you write the learning, we’ll build it.
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