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Talos360 are experts in talent attraction, employee engagement, and HR best-practice. 

Streamline your hiring

Save time and implement a hiring process that makes recruitment easier and more efficient with our award-winning hiring software Talos ATS. Not only does it massively reduce recruitment admin, but it also offers a flexible & intuitive candidate management process and a great candidate journey.

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Improve your engagement

Improve engagement and boost morale with our intelligent engagement and workforce analytics platform. Talos Engage is reinventing employee engagement insights for HR professionals. It offers multiple applications and the platform’s gamified interface makes the feedback process more appealing for employees – increasing response rates.

Fill roles fast

Get the right candidates applying for your roles quickly and easily with our talent acquisition solutions, Talos Attract. Flexible solutions are tailored around your job specs so you always get the most cost effective and efficient hiring strategy. Plus, we can plug-in as much or as little of the candidate management process as you'd like.

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