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The Power of Progression: Linking Employee Development to Performance Excellence

Creating a virtuous circle between employee Learning, Development, Progression and Performance Improvement.

Performance improvement is the output of learning and development – but for many businesses, performance management and employee development are treated as unrelated entities.

In this guide, discover how to tie L&D to employee and company performance effectively.

Find inside:

  • How L&D and Performance are a virtuous cycle
  • Why thinking like a Product Manager can help you design for and use tools to prove impact in L&D
  • What tech you should implement to empower L&D, managers and employees
  • Step-by-step guide to designing an aligned learning and performance development programme, including;
    • Auditing your existing processes
    • Building competency frameworks
    • Determining learning interventions
    • Writing development structures
    • Establishing a development culture

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