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The Myth of Gamification in Learning Tech

How to Actually Build Sustainable Engagement

In this 30-minute seminar, Michael and Joe will explore the science and the soul of gamification, what gamification actually means, and why most learning tech gets it wrong.

10th October

1 - 1.30pm

Theatre 2

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Gamification has long been touted as a revolutionary approach to learning engagement, but don’t buy into the hype.

By joining this seminar at World of Learning Birmingham, you will gain a deeper understanding of the science and soul of gamification in learning, allowing you to make informed decisions about its potential use in your own training initiatives. 

What will we cover?

  • The science and the soul of gamification; what gamification actually means and why most learning tech gets it wrong.
  • The difference between Black Hat and White Hat gamification techniques.
  • How to design a learning and development programme designed for sustainable engagement.
  • What to ask learning technology vendors about their gamification strategies.

Meet our speakers

Michael Main#
Michael Main, Senior Solutions Coach

Michael has a decade of experience in training and L&D, with eight years’ of experience with Learning Technologies, working on multiple award-winning projects from 50 to 150k learners.

Michael has a keen interest in learning methodologies and regularly speaks at industry events.

Joe Hill Wilson
Joe Hill-Wilson, CCO & Lead Solutions Architect

Joe has spent the last decade building global scale-ups in people and organisational development roles. He has worked across 4 continents training, managing and consulting and has a deep interest in how performance is affected by identity, culture, system, processes and its people.

Joe is one of the founding team members of Learn Amp, establishing its Customer Success, Solutions and Implementation functions and now operates as Chief Commercial Officer and Lead Solutions Architect.

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