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Add and issue content in minutes to deliver knowledge to people as they need it. Create an engaging Induction experience through to Onboarding.

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Guided learning pathways

Manage your key learning journeys in one place. Set up pathways for onboarding, manager training, role-based training and more. Our tools allow you to sequence pathways based on the learners level and track completion quickly and easily.
Guided Learning Pathways
Manage Cohorts-2

Manage cohorts

Map clear pathways for your employees. Deliver sequences of events and content that get them up to speed and upskilled. Track your cohorts as they make progress with our advanced reporting and insights.

Track and report

Get actionable insights on how your learners are learning, including what, when and how. Use advanced drill-down reporting to get the data you need to drive completion of key content such as compliance training.
Track & report

Onboarding & Induction: How to win employee loyalty from day 1

A great onboarding program is critical to developing and retaining top talent.

Discover how to build an onboarding and induction programme that will drive employee productivity, maximise engagement and secure employee retention.

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